Christophe Le Renard, M.D.


Having enjoyed photography as a hobby for over twenty years, I recently decided to sell my photographs both online, and in local stores and galleries.

I live on the California central coast, which is a dream in itself, and travel as often as I can.

My hope is that each work can touch on a particular mood or emotional response from the viewer. All pictures are my own original creation. At most, they have been cropped or touched up to enhance detail, color, and / or contrast. Nothing has been removed from within the image or added to the composition that was not already there when I originally took the picture.

To purchase a picture or to rate a photo, select a photograph by clicking on it and just push your cursor to the right of the photo selected. You can also make Tshirts, mugs, magnets etc with your favorite photographs in the merchandise section after clicking "buy".

I am constantly updating the photos on my site, so please come back as often as you would like.

Please feel free to rate the photographs (thumbs Up!) and submit comments below the photographs.

All photos are protected by a U.S. copyright.

Thank you,

Christophe Le Renard